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Breaking stereotypes - UAE Women Falconers-Published in The National
vidhyaa c
Aug 28, 2020
Happy to publish my story here

For thousands of years, falconry has been a male-dominated sport, but this is slowly changing. In 2017, Ayesha Al Mansoori began offering free training classes for women at the Abu Dhabi Falconers’ Club. Within a year, more than 50 women had signed up. “It’s important to promote it as a sport and emphasise the role of women,” Al Mansoori says.

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'Breaking stereotypes': 11 photos showing the UAE's female falconers
For the past two years, photographer Vidhyaa Chandramohan has paid witness as falconry has shifted from being a purely male-dominated sport


Vidhyaa is an Editorial and Documentary Photographer based in Abu Dhabi,UAE
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